Illinois Senate to Trump: No tax return, no spot on ballot

14 April, 2019, 00:09 | Author: Kara Nash
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According to a report from the Washington Post, House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard E. Neal (D-MA) on Saturday submitted a letter to the IRS demanding President Donald Trump's tax returns - with a firm deadline of April 23.

But in the letter, Mr Neal told IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig: "None of the concerns raised can legitimately be used to deny the committee's request".

Neal, D-Mass., argues that a 1920-era law saying the IRS "shall furnish" any tax return requested by Congress "is unambiguous and raises no complicated legal issues" and that the Treasury Department's objections lack merit.

"I am aware that concerns have been raised regarding my request and the authority of the Committee", Neal wrote.

In a letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), House Ways and Means chairman Richard Neal said failure to comply with the new deadline would be interpreted as a denial of request.

In that letter, Mnuchin also questioned the scope of Congress's investigative authority and Neal's stated reason for the request - that he wants them to insure that the IRS is properly auditing presidents. Neal asked for Trump's personal and business returns from 2013-18. He said that he was under audit and didn't intend to turn anything over until that process had been completed.

The president has told those close to him that the attempt to get his returns were an invasion of his privacy and a further example of the Democratic-led "witch hunt" - which he has called special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation - meant to damage him. "People expect the rule of law to work smoothly, but that" s not always the case". "Lo and behold, we have Donald Trump's tax returns here in the state of NY and we can provide them to Congress if the IRS, if the Treasury Department won't".

Trump appears prepared to fight this to the Supreme Court. With an eye to a legal challenge, Neal told Rettig that he has two weeks to respond - by 5 p.m. on April 23.

Neal also wrote that concerns about the committee's access to the returns were "baseless".

Trump has said repeatedly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and his presidency that he can't make public his tax returns because he is under audit.

William Consovoy, whose firm was retained by Trump to represent him on the matter, has written the Treasury's general counsel and said the congressional request "would set a risky precedent" if granted and that the IRS can not legally divulge the information.



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