Edited version of Russian Federation probe report to be released

17 April, 2019, 18:52 | Author: Myra Gill
  • Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

It is certainly possible that, when all the smoke has finally cleared, Attorney General Bill Barr's controversial summary of the final report will vindicated, and Trump will be largely, if not totally exonerated of criminal behavior.

The Justice Department said that the much-anticipated Russian Federation report would be released to both the public and Congress on Thursday morning, with redactions, despite mounting calls from Democrats to release the report to Congress without redactions.

But Trump's inner circle knows there will likely be further releases of embarrassing or politically damaging information.

"We have very smart people who will be reading it", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, said Tuesday in a CNN interview.

Congress frequently receives classified documents and briefings, and Democrats said there was no reason the Mueller report should be any different. Democrats are demanding an un-redacted version of the report, and are threatening to take that fight to court. Giuliani said that the report would be released hours after Mueller's report is made available to the public.

A second source close to the president said the White House expects no information in the report will implicate the president legally, based on Barr's release of the principal conclusions; however, the source expects "it will have some statements that are bad PR-wise".

"While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him" regarding obstruction of justice, Mueller wrote. In that same summary, Barr reached a conclusion for Mueller, declaring that the evidence "is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offense".

Robert Mueller, left, and Donald Trump. But perhaps most troubling for White House aides is the likelihood that the report in which they cooperated would reveal them as a source of negative information about the president - the type of access Trump might call a "leak".

So what's the truth about Trump and obstruction? "The fact of the matter is we should see and judge for ourselves and Congress should judge whether the president obstructed justice or not, and the public ultimately". Sparring over the report in advance of its release is rampant.

Congressional Democrats could move forward quickly - as early as Monday - with subpoenas to obtain Special Counsel Robert Mueller's full report on Russian interference in the USA 2016 election, after Attorney General William Barr releases a version on Thursday that may have significant portions blacked out. This "Deep State" theory is dependent on ongoing cases in USA attorneys' offices involving Trump's financial dealings. Those include cases handed off or referred to federal prosecutors in Washington, New York and Virginia. Trump has spent the last two years calling the investigation a "witch hunt".

Some current and former White House staffers are anxious the soon-to-be-released report by special counsel Robert Mueller will reveal them as the sources of damaging information relating to President Donald Trump, NBC News is reporting.

The Justice Department regularly redacts information about people who were interviewed or scrutinised in investigations but not charged. They have not received replies.

While the president unleashed his personal grievances, his team seized on any exculpatory information in Barr's letter, hoping to define the conversation in advance, according to White House officials and outside advisers who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss private deliberations.

"You have a whole bunch of former White House officials and current White House officials, but especially former White House officials, who were told to cooperate".

Mr. Trump has acknowledged he hasn't read the report even while claiming exoneration.

Democratic officials, for their part, want to find out what Trump campaign staffers did when/if they found out about Russian interference in the election. So I think, I think Thursday's going to be a day where you'll see the Democrats making a lot of molehills into mountains.

We may have a preview already. "[But] the mainstream narrative of the Mueller report has already congealed".

"There are known unknowns", then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld famously said in 2002.

Which is exactly where we are at the moment.

That depends, of course, on what's in the public version of the report. In the waiting game's final days, the White House continued to try to shape the narrative. Democrats probably will continue to push for the release of the complete, unredacted report.



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