Google employee calculates pi to more than 31.4 trillion digits

15 March, 2019, 02:55 | Author: Eric Barnett
  • Emma Haruka Iwao the Google employee who broke the world record for calculating

It took 121 days for Google's virtual machines to reach the magic number.

A member of Google's staff has broken the world record for calculating Pi to the highest number of digits - at 31 trillion.

It's Pi Day, the 3/14 celebration of perhaps the most famous number in history.

Emma Haruka Iwao spent four months working on the project in which she calculated pi to 31.4 trillion digits.

As a developer advocate, Iwao works with developers to help them get more from Google's cloud computing services - but she says the pi calculation was particularly important to her. "And I learned some people use computers to calculate millions and billions of digits of pi".

Google engineer Emma Haruka Iwao has calculated pi to 31 trillion digits, breaking the world record. Trueb also used y-cruncher to calculate Pi value, but Google set new records for using the cloud and SSD drives as well.

According to Google, Iwao has been fascinated by pi since she was 12. It's almost nine trillion digits more than the previous world record set by Peter Trueb in November 2016.

Pi is an infinite number essential to engineering.

For those who stopped paying attention as soon as Ms. Johnson opened her mouth back in middle school, the mathematical constant pi (π) expresses the "ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter", whose first three digits are always 3.14. But the birth of the digital computer in the 20th century supercharged efforts to estimate pi more precisely.

She broke the world record for pi set by Peter Trueb in 2016, which was 22.4 trillion digits long.

Iwao knew about Takahashi when she was a kid, she says, because he held the world record at the time, along with Japanese mathematician Yasumasa Kanada. And for her and her colleagues at her Tokyo office, she adds, it was worth celebrating with "an actual pie".



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