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250 scientists warn trendy wireless earphones may pose higher risks to cancer

14 March, 2019, 09:25 | Author: Rafael Roberts
  • FEAR Scientists say there is a potential cancer risk

The WHO has guidelines for what it considers to be a healthy level of EMF but the new petition claims that more research is needed.

The doctors list several items in particular that generate EMFs, including "radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF)".

Very little research exists on such bluetooth technology and related health effects, but we do know they use radiowave radiation in addition to a magnetic field that passes through the brain to talk to one another.

Advent of new wireless technologies are outpacing research and regulation, and its effects could have unsafe even disastrous health effects, such as the untested 5G posed to roll out using broader and far stronger signals than ever before.

"Bluetooth could open the blood-brain barrier that evolved to keep large molecules out of the brain, since the technology tends to be low-intensity", said Moskowitz.

However, the petition isn't new - it originated in 2015 - and specifically calls out non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (used in all Bluetooth devices), as well as radiofrequency radiation emitting devices (like cell phones and Wi-Fi) as unsafe.

Leeka I. Kheifets an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has too previously noted wireless headphones are a "a positive development", as they pull people away from placing a potent phone to their ears. The document is signed by 250 researchers from more than 40 countries who caution that using certain devices may increase cancer risk.

He is among the scientists to have signed the petition that highlights the potential for cancer, neurological disorders and DNA damage.

Airpods in particular have been singled out because of how they sit deeply enough the ear canal to expose some fragile parts of the ear to unsafe radiation.

Electromagnetic field radiation has been declared by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a potential carcinogen.

EMF is a form of radiowave similar to - but not as powerful or risky as - X-rays or UV.

"The various agencies setting safety standards have failed to impose sufficient guidelines to protect the general public, particularly children who are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF", the petition said.

"By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfil its role as the preeminent worldwide public health agency".



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