Stargazers in Oklahoma City ready for total lunar eclipse viewings in January

10 January, 2019, 10:29 | Author: Kelly Sanders
  • Partial solar eclipse observed across Japan

The third solar eclipse of 2019 will take place on December 26, when a shadow will be seen around the sun.

The year 2019 begins with some cosmic theatre, with a super blood moon eclipse set to take centre stage for large parts of the world January 20-21. This does not occur every month as our moon has a slight incline in its orbit often misses earth's shadow.

The annular eclipse occurs when the circumference of the sun shines brightly from behind the moon.

A super blood wolf moon is a rare celestial occurrence.

The moon will continue deeper into the shadow, and the total eclipse begins at 8:41 p.m. (That's 4:55pm UTC, for our global readers.) Totality will last for 4 minutes and 33 seconds‚ but will be mostly over the Pacific Ocean; it will reach land near the city of La Serena, Chile, at 2:39pm EST.

Partial umbral eclipse ends: 12:51 a.m. (January 21) The moon completely exits the shadow. Most parts of Asia including India, some parts of western Europe and Africa will not be able to witness this celestial event. Although eclipses are typically thought of as being when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, technically speaking they also describe when a planet appears to cross the disk of the Sun. A total of two total solar eclipses will be visible in the year 2019. Totality is at 9:12 p.m. PST on January 20 and 00:12 a.m. EST on January 21 from North America. "I don't like the term "eclipse-chaser" since I get in place first; I am an "eclipse preceder" or "umbraphile", says Pasachoff, whose team will image the Sun's corona from La Silla Observatory to the north of the central line of the eclipse. This event blocks the Sun's light from directly falling on the Moon making the moon look red.

See, simple. Now you're basically Galileo.

Those in parts of Saudi Arabia, southern India, northern Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean, and Indonesia on Boxing Day in 2019 will see a rare "Ring of Fire" annular solar eclipse.

How long the Eclipse lasts in January?


In the United Kingdom you will have the best chance to get a glance of the astrological event at 5.15am on January 21. January 2019 is the next partial Eclipse of the sun.



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