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Travellers will be questioned by AI lie detectors at the border

03 November, 2018, 16:16 | Author: Rafael Roberts
  • A border control bot will start scanning faces for lies in the EU

"Artificial intelligence" lie detector programs will be tested on people arriving at airports in Hungary, Greece and Latvia, under a new, EU-funded pilot scheme created to partially automate the bloc's border control.

The entire effort is being coordinated by European Dynamics Luxembourg, and the teams involved span Greece, Cyprus, the UK, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, and Latvia.

The programme, iBorderCtrl is in its initial phase and aims to promote faster border crossing for travelers with the help of AI.

Travellers answer while facing a webcam, letting the system analyse and rate dozens of micro-gestures.

According to CNN, the AI-powered virtual border guard will become more "skeptical" if it thinks the traveler is lying, after it asks questions about name, age, date of birth and the objective of their trip.

Dubbed the "deception detection" system will analyse the micro-expressions of those seeking to enter European Union territory to see if they are truthful about their background and intentions.

A statement issued by the European Commission said the bloc's external borders were coming under increasing pressure as a result of the 700 million people who cross borders into the EU every year. "IBORDERCTRL's system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit", project coordinator George Boultadakis explained.

The software will be equipped with "deception detection" which will analyses the micro-expressions of travellers to figure out if the interviewee is lying.

Hand-held devices will cross-check information, comparing facial images with passport photos.

If the AI suspects the traveller is lying, they will have biometric information taken and will be passed on to a human agent who will then review their information and make a decision.

In its current state, the pilot program is not expected to prevent anyone from crossing the border. Another part of the system utilizes fingerprinting, palm vein scanning, and face matching. In tests, researchers said that the accuracy rate was 76 percent, but they're hoping to bump that up to 85 percent.



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