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Fallout 76 Unlock Time, Release Date, Pre-Load & More

14 November, 2018, 21:29 | Author: Rafael Roberts
  • And Here's Fallout 76 For $50

This includes support for Ultra-wide display, the addition of Push-To-Talk for chat, an FOV Slider, and the patching of some known bugs in-game. We've just logged into servers from the U.S. west coast and the United Kingdom, and we're seeing reports from players around the globe that they've been able to start playing as well.

Fallout 76 has had more pre-release problems than I care to release, but for the sake of accurate reporting and word counts, I will.

In Australia, the Fallout 76 release time is 12:01 AEST, while North America will have a 12:01 EDT slot.

Oh, Bethesda, don't you know one of the biggest issues we have with the likes of Fallout 76 is the achingly outdated software you're running? Voice chat is on by default, whereas players have asked for an opt-in system that Bethesda has confirmed they will be adding in the near future.

The Xbox One and PS4 versions will still be available through their respective stores.

Day one patches are commonplace (sadly) but this one is pretty massive.

Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition This one comes with bonus downloadable items, and is the default option on Bethesda's site. With a final install size of 51 gigabytes, only 0.0048% of the game is actually on the disc you buy.

If you think you've lost your character and progress, worry not. You also get an Uncle Sam-themed outfit, which probably won't be the best option if you're looking to be subtle when encountering other players.

You can always regroup with your friends later or continue on your own.



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