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AT&T finalizes 5G plan for 2018

13 September, 2018, 12:10 | Author: Rafael Roberts
  • Buried in an AT&T Air Gig egg is a small antenna called a polyrod phased array that actually beams the data along a power line

AT&T announced plans to include five additional cities to receive mobile 5G to this year, and Louisville is one of them. The company stipulates that "parts" of these cities will have access to 5G, indicating that consumers won't see comprehensive coverage in the early stages. Samsung's equipment for AT&T's 5G service supports 5G NR (New Radio) requirements announced by the 3GPP, an global standards organization, last June, and uses a bandwidth of 39㎓. It will continue to expand from these 19 cities.

AT&T is promising that it will launch a mobile service in 2018, but hasn't yet unveiled a smartphone, instead launching with a "mobile puck" - a router that distributes the 5G signal to devices via WiFi - on millimeter wave high-band spectrum.

In many countries, technology and telecom companies are racing to commercialize the ultra-fast 5G network, which is vital for technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as connected cars and smart factories. "Much like 4G introduced the world to the gig economy, mobile 5G will jumpstart the next wave of unforeseen innovation".

"We're at the dawn of something new that will define the next decade and generation of connectivity", said AT&T chief technology officer Andre Fuetsch in a statement. In other parts of urban areas and in suburban and rural areas, it plans to deploy 5G on its mid and low-band spectrum holdings.

The news comes on the heels of the news over the weekend in Waco, Texas, where AT&T made the world's first wireless 5G data transfer over millimeter wave using standards-based, production equipment with a mobile device.

To help build its 5G network, AT&T selected Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung as its technology suppliers. However, Justin Denison, the senior vice president of marketing for Samsung in North America, declined to be pinned down, saying Samsung will make that 5G announcement when "the time is right", Denison said at the AT&T Spark conference in San Francisco. AT&T's engineers used a Qualcomm test device with a Snapdragon X50 5G modem.



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