Immigration is very bad, Europeans better watch themselves, says Trump

14 July, 2018, 10:56 | Author: Myra Gill
  • Trump Says Europe Is 'Losing Its Culture' Due to Immigration

Theresa May has slapped down Donald Trump over his claims on immigration, dismissing the idea it has "damaged the cultural fabric" of Europe.

President Trump doubled down on his hardline immigration views on Friday, saying he thinks immigration is a "very negative thing" for Europe and that European leaders "better watch themselves" because immigration is "changing the culture".

Trump says during a joint news conference that immigration has been "very bad" for Europe and is changing the culture of the continent. But he reiterated his belief that Europe's decision to accept migrants from Middle Eastern and African countries is "a very negative thing for Europe". "It's a very sad situation".

"I think you are losing your culture".

"I dont think it's good for Europe".

May quickly rebutted Trump during their joint appearance, saying the United Kingdom has a "proud history of welcoming people who are fleeing persecution to our country".

"Of course what is important is that we have control of our borders, what is important is we have a set of rules that enable us to determine who comes into our country", she added. "We have a proud history of welcoming people who want to come to our country to contribute to our economy and society".

"But let's be clear, this is a country where people come from all over the world and make a fantastic contribution".

At Chequers on Friday, May tempered down Trump's tough anti-immigration rhetoric, taking a more moderate stance on immigration.

"I know it's not politically correct to say that, but I'll say and say it loud".

"We have laws that are so bad I don't even call them laws", Trump said. "In some of their cultures - not all of their cultures - it is common for a woman to be stoned to death for adultery". "When you are in another person's country you are a guest", Clarke said.

"I think what has happened to Europe is a shame", he added.

He drew fire from Democrats earlier this year for describing MS-13 gang members, many of them immigrants to the USA, as "animals".

"That's what makes our country awesome and great", Lieu said.

Mr Trump said after speaking to Mrs May's officials that a free trade agreement would still be possible, adding America wanted "full self-government" as it negotiates an exit from the European Union. "We're doing very well considering the fact that we don't have immigration laws".

Trump has long pointed to Europe's immigration policy as a cautionary tale for the U.S. He has lamented that immigrants have poured into European countries and changed the culture of each nation.

Khan said on Friday that he was "trying to rise above" the jibe, but when asked if the door of City Hall would be open to Trump if he wanted a face-to-face meeting, he added: "I'm happy to meet President Trump and to explain to him, in a respectful, courteous manner where I think he's wrong on a number of issues, to hear him out, see what his explanation is for holding me responsible for the attacks we saw in London a year ago".



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