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Google Chrome adds new Spectre fix, but uses more RAM in return

13 July, 2018, 19:53 | Author: Rafael Roberts
  • Spectre Mitigation Increases Chrome Memory Usage, Google Says

This week, Google said that the site isolation technologies it has had to add to its Chrome web browser to mitigate the Spectre processor vulnerability come with a 10 to 13 percent increase in memory usage. The feature looked to improve stability, while making the internet browser more resistant to attacks such as Spectre.

The mitigation is an impressive engineering feat that's created to lessen the damage of attacks that exploit a new class of vulnerability that came to light in January. This means that when users visit a malicious website, attackers will not be able to see the data that has been loaded in other websites as those are different processes than the one that launched the malicious website. You could also add a command line flag to start Chrome with -site-per-process, but that's a lot of work.

"Site Isolation is a large change to Chrome's architecture that limits each renderer process to documents from a single site", explained Google Chrome team member Charlie Reis.

In other words, on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS devices, Chrome uses the security boundaries provided by the operating system to ringfence each domain into its own browser process. "This would allow a successful Spectre attack to read data (e.g., cookies, passwords, etc.) belonging to other frames or pop-ups in its process", explained Reis. As of yet, it remains disabled on Android, though is expected to be enabled in the future.

When enabled, all navigations to cross-site documents cause a tab to switch processes and puts all cross-site iframes into a different process than their parent frame, using "out-of-process iframes".

Over the years, Chrome has become an incredibly hungry browser, eating up as much as RAM as it can.

A single page may now be split across multiple renderer processes using out-of-process iframes. However, a page could try to request an HTML or JSON URL with sensitive data as if it were an image or script. "This significantly reduces the threat posed by Spectre". CORB tries to transparently block cross-site HTML, XML, and JSON responses from the renderer process, with nearly no impact to compatibility. Using a separate renderer for every domain means more active renderers, and thus, more memory usage. Google initially described Site Isolation as an "additional security boundary between websites", preventing malicious webpages in a tab from messing with or spying on tabs and iframes displaying pages from other domains.

"Site Isolation is a significant change to Chrome's behavior under the hood, but it generally shouldn't cause visible changes for most users or web developers (beyond a few known issues)".



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