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Update your Google Home and Chromecast ASAP, Google to roll out fix

19 June, 2018, 15:39 | Author: Rafael Roberts

If the URL is clicked and the webpage is kept open for around a minute, the user's home Global Positioning System location is found - and subsequently exploited.

Google is planning to release a patch for a worrying IoT security vulnerability that can enable precise location tracking of Home speaker and Chromecast users. IP address lookups can also offer your whereabouts, but can usually only pinpoint your location within several miles.

Young said a demo he created (a video of which is below) is accurate enough that he can tell roughly how far apart his device in the kitchen is from another device in the basement.

This is typically not the case with Google's geolocation data, which includes comprehensive maps of wireless network names around the world, linking each individual Wi-Fi network to a corresponding physical location.

Young says he was only able to test the flaw in three different locations, but in each case, the location obtained by the website corresponded to the right street address. These can then be cross-checked using Google's location services to get an accurate location.

The trick, Young said, is made possible my analyzing signal strengths for surrounding Wi-Fi networks and then triangulating a position based on mapped Wi-Fi access points. For example, this sort of specific location data could easily be used in "blackmail or extortion campaigns", potentially making them more effective by giving more credibility to the threat. When the researcher initially filed a bug report to Google describing the issue, the company dismissed the report, closing it with the message "Won't Fix [Intended Behavior]". According to Krebs on Security (via The Verge), Google will fix the problem with an update in mid-July.

The issue is that Home and Chromecasts don't require authentication for commands that come over your local network.

Earlier this year, KrebsOnSecurity posted some basic rules for securing your various "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices. "If you have a device and it allows you to do something without a password, it's very likely that an attacker can do the same using a malicious mobile app or via web pages with DNS binder rebinding, or via some other technique we haven't thought of yet".

A much easier solution is to add another router on the network specifically for connected devices.

The only way to completely mitigate the risk of being tracked by these kinds of devices is to disconnect them, according to Young, although using professional network segmentation or a separate router for connected smart-home items can help thwart attacks.



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