Google Predicts Death With 95% Accuracy Using Artificial AI

21 June, 2018, 04:41 | Author: Kara Nash
  • 24-Hour Warning? Google's 'Medical Brain' Can Predict Odds on Death

The researchers were able to show their collected data could predict a patient's length of stay, time of discharge and time of death with 95 percent accuracy.

The tech giant Google has come up with a data-hungry computer system that goes through health information and predicts the mortality rates.

The AI was 95 percent accurate at predicting patient mortality based on data from the University of California, San Francisco health system and 93 percent accurate using data from the University of Chicago Medicine system, according to the research.

The data included basic information like age, ethnicity and gender.

As Bloomberg reports, medical experts have been impressed by Google's ability to dig out data from notes on PDFs or handwritten notes on old charts, which previously have been hard to incorporate into predictive models.

Looking at this data, the AI put the patient's risk of death during her stay at 19.9 percent. What's more important is that Google did it far faster than existing technology available with the hospital.

Google protected the data used for this surveillance with security measures including "logical separation, strict access controls, and encryption of data at rest and in transit".

Google will soon help doctors to diagnose patients and predict their life expectancy with its AI system. The person described existing hand-coded models as "an obvious, very big roadblock" in health care.

This data gives an advantage to the hospitals for discovering new techniques for making patient care a priority, adjust their terminal plans, free healthcare workers and to catch medical emergencies well before time.

The new Google AI system will accept nearly any type of data. It knows the weather and traffic. To commercialize an offering, Google would first need to get its hands on more records, which tend to vary widely across health providers. The Dean's health research unit has unfurled AI systems for cardiology, ophthalmology and, radiology. The American giant technology company would like to implement this system in clinics and hospitals. Earlier this year, DeepMind partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to feed its AI 700,000 medical records from veterans in order to predict deadly changes in patient condition. Google could buy them, but that may not sit as well with regulators or consumers. "Again", she said. "I want to emphasize that this is really early on". Google has cited an example to explain this: "if a doctor prescribed ceftriaxone and doxycycline for a patient with an elevated temperature, fever and cough, the model could identify these as signals that the patient was being treated for pneumonia".



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