Amber Rudd resigns as home secretary - but what happens next?

03 May, 2018, 20:39 | Author: Myra Gill
  • May appoints British Pakistani as new home secretary

It has now turned its fire on Theresa May, a long-serving home secretary before she became prime minister. We will do right by the Windrush generation'.

Former Home Secretary Rudd quit the top Cabinet post after admitting she "inadvertently misled" government over targets for the deportation of illegal immigrants.

The atrocious story of how Caribbean migrants-many of whom have lived and worked in the United Kingdom for decades-were being denied jobs, homes and health care and threatened with deportation first started to be reported by the Guardian last November.

Immigration has driven politics and divided publics for years, from Britain across Europe to the US.

While interior minister between 2010 and 2016 May pioneered controversial policies meant to create a "hostile environment" for people in Britain illegally.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman defended the Tier 2 visa regime and stressed it was always closely monitored. But Sajid Javid became a prominent banker and politician, and now has risen to become Britain's Home secretary, the first time a citizen with an ethnic minority background has assumed one of Britain's four "great offices of state".

A second-generation immigrant to Britain, Mr Javid said that he would be adopting a new tone in the role.

Invited to Britain to help it rebuild after World War II, they were given a legal right to remain by a 1971 law.

"When I heard about the Windrush issue I thought, 'That could be my mum... it could be my dad... it could be my uncle... it could be me", he added.

"So, the terminology, I think, is incorrect and I think it is a phrase that is unhelpful and it doesn't represent our values as a country to use that phrase".

Mr Javid, who backed staying in the European Union, may change the balance adopted by Ms May's team in negotiating Britain's departure from the EU.

Yet he declined to say whether this might bring an end to the hostile environment immigration policy or targets for net removals. "Just like the Windrush generation", Javid wrote in "The Sunday Telegraph".

Rudd and May both apologized repeatedly, saying that all pre-1973 Commonwealth immigrants who don't already have British citizenship will get it and those affected will get compensation.

The resignation of Rudd followed weeks of pressure ever since her statement to the Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee denying knowledge of any targets to remove illegal migrants from the UK.

The issue has caused turmoil for the United Kingdom government and led to the forced resignation of Amber Rudd as home secretary earlier this week over "inadvertently" misleading Parliament on her department's illegal migration targets.

"Amber Rudd has been a human shield for Theresa May - and now she has gone". Speaking for powerful sections of the ruling class who have opposed the anti-free movement stand of the hard Brexit Tories as inimical to the basic needs of industry, the Guardian ran a podcast, titled, " EU citizens' rights and the shadow of Windrush", which asked, "Will EU nationals find themselves treated in similar fashion to the Windrush generation?"

Mr Javid pledged to "look carefully" at the Government's immigration policy after his appointment.